Reasons to buy this item:
-The sound is excellent. You can hear everything and differentiate the left and right position of the sound. The headphones play the high range of high and low tones.
-An interesting design, quite stylish. Perfectly passes both for children and adults. The head beam is adjustable and soft.
-The headphones work perfectly thorough Bluetooth and wire connection. The connection is available to any device.
-There is a solid sound isolation.
-The headphones are multifunctional, there is: a radio, SD card slot, Bluetooth and 3.5 Jack connection.
-The volume can be controlled through buttons.
-The headphone works for about 10 hours.

Reasons not to buy this item:
-Sometimes you can hear some squeaky sound, especially on the maximum volume.
The pros and cons were extracted from the reviews by: vasiliym
Model: SN-P18 True
Price: 18.82 USD
Rating: 5.00 / 5 (100%)
Nr. of reviews analyzed: 2413
Style: Headphone
Vocalism principle: Dynamic
Sensitivity: 105.00dB
Impedance: 32.00Ω
Frequency response range: 20-20000Hz
Wireless type: Bluetooth
Line length: 0.00cm
Connectors: USB
Features: microphone, memory card, active noise cancellation
Crawl date: 2019-08-21