SZKOSTON 800211-s3-33

SZKOSTON 800211-s3-33
Reasons to buy this item:
Many people think that the headphones match the description.
Many users admit the good quality of sound.
Few people say it sits comfortable on ears.
Some users say they have very loud and clear sound.
Many people say it's very convenient to have a volume control.
Many users say it has highly attractive design.
Reasons not to buy this item:
A couple of users say it's not comfortable to wear.
Some people say they hear them playing more MONO than STEREO.
Many users say it would have been better to have the earpieces of different size.
Few users say the headphones have a rubber covered wire which sometimes gets stuck in clothes.
The pros and cons were extracted from the reviews by: artyomp
Model: 800211-s3-33
Price: 0.01 USD
Rating: 4.70 / 5 (94%)
Nr. of reviews analyzed: 434
Style: Ear Hook
Vocalism principle: Dynamic
Sensitivity: 96.00dB
Impedance: 16.00Ω
Frequency response range: 20 - 2000Hz
Wireless type: None
Line length: 120.00cm
Connectors: 3.5mm
Features: waterproof, microphone, active noise cancellation
Crawl date: 2020-10-18