Reasons to buy this item:
-The headphones are a perfect budget device. Ideal both for the work and for fitness exercises.
-The wire is quite stylish and durable. It will definitely not be broken and will serve for several years.
-Additional ear pads are of different size from small to large.
-In the general the sound is fine, high tones are dominant but bass tones are also inherent.

Reasons not to buy this item:
-The fixation for the ears is not comfortable, it rubs your ears and cannot stay on the same place firmly
The pros and cons were extracted from the reviews by: vasiliym
Brand: KZ
Model: ZST
Price: 11.00 USD
Rating: 4.90 / 5 (98%)
Nr. of reviews analyzed: 648
Style: Ear Hook
Vocalism principle: Hybrid technology
Sensitivity: 106.00dB
Impedance: 10.00Ω
Frequency response range:
Wireless type: None
Line length: 120.00cm
Connectors: 3.5mm
Features: microphone
Crawl date: 2020-10-18